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The Myth of Moderation

This is a guest post by Iris Thieme We are supposed to practice “moderation in all things,” right? I’m not exactly sure where that phrase came from, but it is good advice for many aspects of our lives, but unfortunately NOT for healthy lifestyle habits. First, what is the definition of moderation? “The avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in

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How to Love Your Leafy Greens | Spiro Health & Wellness

How To Love Your Leafy Greens

This is a guest post by Iris Thieme Why? Leafy greens were listed in the top 10 healthiest foods in a study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, which ranked 41 fruits and vegetables by their nutrient density.  They are high in vitamin K, which helps blood to clot; and folate, which is a type of B vitamin that

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Diet and Depression | Spiro Health and Wellness

What Does Diet Have To Do With Depression?

This is a guest post by Iris Thieme Food affects mood. Mood affects food.  What kind of food do you eat when you feel depressed?  Most people tend to eat what they call “comfort foods”.  They are typically highly processed, high sugar, high fat, high salt foods, which give off a temporary dopamine, or feel-good affect.  However, the effect is

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Healthy Sleep 101

This is a guest post by Hayden Entress. When we think about living a healthy lifestyle, it’s easy to think about striving to have a balanced diet and consistent exercise schedule; however, do we ever think about the vital role our sleep plays in our health? Getting enough good (and high quality) sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health and

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3 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System Amid COVID-19

The term coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. But is there anything you can do to protect you and your loved ones from getting sick? Yes, there are a few things. But first, some background. What is the coronavirus? Coronaviruses are common viruses that cause an infection in your nose or throat, like the common cold, and have been around for decades. Most

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Confirmed: Alcohol Consumption Is Bad For You | Spiro Health and Wellness

Confirmed: Alcohol Consumption Is Bad For You

A groundbreaking new study released just a few weeks ago confirms that even light to moderate alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on our health. This study, which spanned 11 years and evaluated over 130,000 set out to determine whether alcohol consumption increased the risk of cancer.  As the study concluded, “Those who drank 2 drinks or fewer per day had

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