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Cassidy Gundersen, PhD, CHNP, CSNP

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Ulcerative Colitis

“My journey through my health struggles has seemed long, and yet the lessons I’ve learned have been wonderful.  I am so happy to wake up each morning well-rested, with fingers and hands that move with ease and move in a body without inflammation or swelling.  I enjoy working out and running. My body is strong!”

“Cassidy has the knowledge and skills to improve your quality of life through health & nutrition. It is amazing that food can heal so many ailments of the human body. Cassidy will customize a plan for your circumstances that will allow you an straight path to success.​”



“Cassidy is a dedicated nutritionist that takes one on one time to help with being as healthy as we can. I love how she really cares about each person and wants the best for us. Her program is so beneficial and worth it!”

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Save Money

I can show you how to put more of your hard earned "green" back into your pocket by living the principles of health.

Reverse Disease

Many studies have shown living the principles of health can not only prevent disease, but reverse the effects.

Live Well

Living the principles of health will not only yield physical benefits, but you will find that all aspects of your life improve.

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