Hi, I'm Cassidy.
Nutritionist, PhD Student, and your new Best Friend.

I specialize in helping people prevent and reverse disease through helping to implement the ideal diet according to the latest nutritional science

A Nutritional Experience Unlike Any Other

Personalized Goals

I work with you to develop and implement your health goals, and you I help you achieve them.

Data and Science

As a PhD student, I live for the data. I show you what the data says, and how to read it for yourself.

One-on-One Sessions

In personalized one-on-one sessions, I educate you and provide steps you can take to feel well.

Guides and Resources

You have exclusive access to guides and resources to help you implement your learnings.

Common Issues I Can Help With:

About My Program

Not too long ago, I myself suffered from multiple chronic diseases and conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, kidney stones, arthritis, and more. However, I was able to reverse all of the symptoms of disease I had. Now, I show clients how to do the same. With nutrition principles proven to prevent and reverse disease by nutrition pioneers such as Dr. Greger, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Ornish, and Dr. Barnard, I can help you implement the kind of diet and lifestyle that will help you feel well, thrive, and grow. 

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What my clients say

Cassidy has the knowledge and skills to improve your quality of life through health & nutrition. It is amazing that food can heal so many unexpected ailments of the human body. Cassidy will customize a healthy plan for your personal circumstances that will allow you an easy straight path to success.
In trying to do my own research, I only grew more confused by the myriad of conflicting studies and theories on nutrition. I had no idea who to trust. Since I began working with Cassidy, I’ve regained my sense of direction, and I feel better than I have in a long time.
I used to always come up with typical excuses in my head for why I couldn't eat healthy: I was in college, it was too expensive, I didn't like salads... But Cassidy helped me see how simple, inexpensive, and practical it was. I have never felt so good before! All of my health problems have seemed to disappear as I have focused on my food.
Since starting the transition with Cassidy, I have seen so much change for good! I started during my second pregnancy. Cassidy sent me great research and medical studies that showed my diet was the #1 cause of my [first pregnancy] pre-eclampsia, so I was ready to try something better. My second pregnancy was so much better in so many ways! I've been so pleased with how much lighter and healthier I feel on a daily basis.

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